Your Rights Disclosure

Entering into a therapeutic relationship is an important decision, and one in which you are entitled to know your rights as a client.

Clients have the right to change therapists or receive referral to another therapist.

Clients have the right and responsibility to choose a treatment provider who best suits their needs.

Clients have the right to confidentiality. The only exceptions are the reporting of abuse, as required by law, danger to self and others, and grave disability.

Clients have the right to have information disclosed to other practitioners for the purpose of coordination of services and/or treatment. Information will be disclosed only when release documents are signed by the client or when the law authorizes or compels the provider to do so. A record of the treatment is maintained and clients may ask to see the records, or to have the records amended.

Clients have the right to raise questions about the therapist, the therapeutic approach and progress at any time.

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